Insanity From the Grave CD

Insanity From the Grave CD

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Spawned in 1985, in the seamy underbelly of the fertile Bay Area Metal scene, Insanity took extreme death metal one step further than their peers, Possessed and Death. Their rehearsal demo was traded heavily throughout the underground and the band was gathering a cult following when things derailed in 1987. The death of guitarist/vocalist Joe DeZuniga left remaining six-stringer Dave Gorsuch to pick up the pieces of the band. Multiple attempts to resurrect the band had varying measures of success throughout the early 90s, culminating in the release of Death After Death on the now-defunct MBR Records. The band disintegrated again shortly thereafter. After Napalm Death covered an Insanity track, and a new line-up has been assembled, the time is right to properly reissue the Insanity material for a new generation of metal fans to discover.

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